There are a number of programs and services at Katy Scholars, each customized to reach every child’s needs.

Our Programs

Educational Testing

Dr. Eileen Pavlovich is able to administer key intelligence, ability and career testing. Tests may include the WISC-IV, WRAML2, HVLT-R, and the TOMAL


Workshops to increase Writing, Organizational, Study and Math skills are presented at a set price. These 12 hour workshops are structured to increase ability in the topic subjects and are customized for each student.

SAT and ACT Preparation

The SAT and ACT are critical tests for college admission. Student preparation for these tests is necessary to achieve the highest possible scores. At Katy Scholars two programs are offered to prepare students. The first is a standard class that begins every Monday morning during the summer. It is five mornings from 9 to 1 with a sixth class scheduled for the week before students take the test. In addition, students receive 10 hours of one on one instruction designed to meet each student’s needs. Classes are limited to 15 students.

The second program is a totally individualized program presented as one-on-one instruction for students who cannot attend the morning classes, have already taken a standard preparation class or who are just more comfortable with individual attention.

One on One Tutoring

Many students need the individual attention that can only be provided by one on one tutoring. At Katy Scholars, Dr. Eileen Pavlovich works with students to increase their ability and confidence in a setting that is conducive to learning and allows students to receive individual instruction, ask questions, discuss, and complete assignments.

Homework Relief

Homework is often a difficult time for families. Students are working at the dining room table while dinner is being prepared, mom and or dad may not get home until after six, so homework time is delayed, parents travel and homework may not get the attention it needs, or students may have reached an age where parents have a hard time getting them to complete their homework. And, yes, many parents reach a point where they can no longer help with the homework subject.

At Katy Scholars, Dr. Eileen Pavlovich helps students with all of their assignments, but just as importantly she helps students develop the study and organizational skills that are essential for academic success.

Test Preparation

Dr. Pavlovich also works with students of all ages to prepare for a wide range of other tests including the GED, ASVAB, THEA, COMPASS, GRE, GMAT, etc. Individual instruction, appropriate practice and the best testing strategies are key elements for student success.

The Road to College

Katy Scholars offers three programs to help students achieve their college dreams. The first step is to prepare for the SAT and/or ACT. The second step is to begin to understand the kinds of majors that will allow students to emerge from college with a viable degree in an area of true interest. The third step is writing effective admissions essays.

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